Nyíregyháza Athletics Center

The Athletics Center was implemented as part of the Modern Cities Program. Thanks to the project, a building complex unique in Central Europe, primarily optimized for athletic purposes, was completed. Its main elements are the Athletics Hall, the outdoor racetrack and the throwing coach course. The Athletics Hall can be divided into two parts, the main building and the battlefield. On the one hand, the established Athletics Center ensures the preparation and training venues of the city's athletes, and on the other hand, it satisfies the needs of the guest athletes of the training camp. In addition, it is suitable for prestigious, international competitions, as well as a training camp for athletes from Hungary and neighboring countries. The building also houses fencing, juggling and badminton sections. These provide opportunities for youth and adult athletes to prepare and compete on a daily basis.

The net floor area of ​​the WA 2-rated indoor Athletics Center is nearly 12,000 m2, the details of which are listed below:

· Battlefield: The main race area has a 6-lane runway of 200 meters and an 8-lane runway of 60 meters. High, long jump and weightlifting track surfaces have also been designed. The stand has a capacity of 570 people. The competition office, the target photo room, the studio and the television broadcasting places help to organize the competitions. In preparation for training camps, athletes and their coaches can perform an analysis of sports movements in the multimedia conference rooms.

· Section rooms: There are gyms for fencing, badminton and juggling, suitable for training and competitions. The sport-specific preparation of the throwing athletes is served by an indoor throwing track, strengthening and conditioning rooms. It should be emphasized that the storage facilities and warehouses required for the area of ​​operation are also available.

· Recreation areas: An outstanding area of ​​innovation in modern sports is the shortening of rest periods between workouts, which is a means of physical and mental rehabilitation. This is facilitated by the medical psychological and physiotherapy offices, the wellness room, which is also equipped with a Finnish and infrared sauna and a jacuzzi.

· Sports hotel (rating ***):

Capacity 48 people in 2-bed rooms. In addition to a comfortable stay, the hotel has a room for team meetings for athletes, a video analysis room, a kitchenette and a communal area, as well as a separate restaurant-kitchen unit.

Facilities outside the building:

· Outdoor Athletics Track: The 8-lane, record-covering, WA-certified outdoor athletics track, which is also suitable for top athletics, has competitive lighting, which is optimized not only for training, but also for evening competitions. The covered grandstand can seat 570 people. The track includes an air-conditioned race control tower for conducting the races.

· Warm-up jogging circle: The outdoor sports field is surrounded by a 1-lane 508-meter treadmill. Its function is twofold. On the one hand, during the competitions, the athletes perform the warm-up run here, and on the other hand, the residents of Nyíregyháza can play sports free of charge every day from 06.00 to 20.00. The track body is surrounded by space lighting. In addition to the track, a Leisure Gym will be established soon from a tender source! ·

Throwing practice course: For throwing athletes, a 60x100 m outdoor live grass athletics training ground was built. Due to the late autumn and early spring periods, it has training-level space lighting. Like the “center track,” this area is equipped with an irrigation system.